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Children's Storybooks

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Who Me? I'm a Bioarchaeologist Now!

What is a bioarchaeologist? What does he or she do?

Meet Tiffiny, a kid like you and me, who grew up and became a bioarchaeologist! Tiffiny's father emigrated from China to the United States before she was born. She grew up exploring museums and the outdoors with her father, and discovered her passion for understanding different peoples and cultures. Learn about how she uses archaeology and biology to understand how people in the past lived and why they moved from one part of the Earth to another.


Who Me? I'm a Biomedical Informatics Expert Now!

What is a biomedical informatics expert? What does he or she do?

Meet Kevin, a kid like you and me, who grew up to become a biomedical informatics expert! Kevin grew up loving science and caring for animals, and this passion, combined with his engineering aptitude, turned him into a pediatrician specializing in biomedical informatics — using computers and data science to improve health care.


Who Me? I'm an Astronomer Now!

What is an astronomer? What does he or she do? 

Meet Keivan, a kid like you and me, who grew up and became an astronomer! As a child, Keivan was always interested in learning about planets orbiting other stars and this interest has taken him to the stars! Learn more about how he became involved in a space mission, as part of his research about exoplanets.

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