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Analyzing Scans
Tung Resourcs

Who Me? I'm a Biomedical Informatics Expert now!
Extra Resources

Discussion Questions

1. What do you think Dr. Johnson's relatives told him when he said he felt like an outsider in his grandmother's neighborhood?


2. Do you have a "Mr. Joe" in your life? Who or what has helped you learn about yourself?


3. Biomedical informatics helps doctors every day. What are some of the things your doctor has done that you think he uses his memory for? How could a computer help your doctor?


4. Dr. Johnson uses his creativity to solve lots of problems in informatics. Use your creativity to solve this problem:

A patient comes to see the doctor with an unusual set of findings. The doctor remembers she saw another patient with these findings last year and runs some tests. This patient has the same disease. The doctor thinks to herself, "Every patient with an unusual set of findings is probably like another patient somewhere in the world. I wonder how we could use this information to help others doctors diagnose all these other patients!"

Extra Learning tools

More information about Dr. Kevin Johnson can be found at:


More information about biomedical informatics can be found at:


More information about Dr. Charles Drew can be found at:

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